#246. Let’s Be an “Activist”.

I have eve written many times that” Human is absolutely emotional animal”.

It means only emotion makes human take action.

There must be emotion when we do something.

We buy something because we “want”. We don’t buy because we need. We justify the decision after that.

There is an exception. Normal routine does’t include emotion.

For example, brushing teeth.

Although we may not feel like doing frequentlly, we have no choice but not to do.

However, how about something which is far from normal routine?

Such as something we hesitate to do, even though we should do.

For instance, going jogging.

Even if you think “I have been gaining weight lately, so I have to lose. I have to go jogging”, most people cannot implement.

If you are in the shoes and waiting for the motivation to run, it is 99% of possibility that you will continue to be fat.

The type of people is categorized into “Emotionalism “. They will take action if they get the motivation.

However, actually that kind of emotion will never come to you unless you try to get.

Therefore, they will never take actions and keep saying excuses.

Perfect condition will never come. Perfect preparation will never come. Each situation will be organized in progress.

So, we should start to move first of all!!

Emotionalism means they will never move unless they are willing to. They indulge themselves with excuses.

“The situation hasn’t come yet.” “I don’t like feeling to do.”..something like that.

The only way to overcome is to take actions at first.

Taking action brings us motivation. We must not wait for emotion which will never come.

Once you begin to run, you will be willing to keep it.

It applies to not only running but also other things. Only taking action take 0 to 1.

Once you get 1, emotion will appear and it helps you get 2 or 3…

Let’s be an “Activist”.

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