#248. Mindset learnt from Yu Darvish

I watched a video on YouTube, which is a dialogue between two professional baseball players. The one is Yu Darvish who currently belongs to Los Angeles Dodgers in the US and the other one is Atunori Inaba who used to play for Fighters in Japan and he became a supervisor of Japan’s national team for Tokyo Olympic in 2020.

Darvish also used to play for Fighters and they were colleagues, so they can talk to each other easily.I found one point I should follow in this dialogue. I will with it down here.

YouTube Yu Darvish Atunori Inaba Dialoge

The main point starts at 8:32.

When Darvish was younger, he was notorious as a player who had something wrong in his behaviour. Actually, when he was 18 years old, he was punished because of his smoking in the first spring camping in Japan. However, he changed dramatically and became a star player after the incident. In this dialogue, he talks “the turning point” of his life.

A match between Yakult Swallows and Nippon ham Fighters was held in Tokyo on 13th June 2006. Darvish was 19 years old at that moment.

Although he pitched as a starter, he was knocked out in this game.(He lost 6 scores for 4 and 1/3 innings) He couldn’t contribute to his team. After the game, he went back to his accomodation in Tokyo and thought that he had to change something, otherwise he wouldn’t succeed in the world of baseball.

The following is the prime point of this article!

“20 years have already passed in my life and how fast it was..It seems to be 40 years old very quickly ”

And then, he imagined the following situation.

“I am 40 years old now. I was fired and can find no job.”

He created the hypothetic situation in his brain.

Suddenly, a god appears in form of him and said that

“I will give you only one more chance to start your life at the age of 20”

He imagined that the god gave him an opportunity to start his life again at this age and came back here from the future.

If everyone was in this situation, they would make an effort and work hard to avoid the same future.

On the following day, he happened to meet a person came from a supplement company and got a pamphlet. It became his turning point and started to study dietetics and methods of training. It enabled him to get the excellent performance and contracted with MLB.

If he had not confronted his life seriously, he would have missed the chance to change. He could not have met the supplement and have remained the same.

“It depends on our consciousness which information we can catch.”

In his case, he had a consciousness that he had to change himself and it made his brain catch the supplement.

This is “the turning point” I could find in this dialogue.

I tend to become lazy unconsciously even when I try to work hard in Studying English. Therefore, I try to think like Darvish. “Today is the date I go back to Japan, but my English hasn’t improved at all. I cannot find any jobs.”

Suddenly, a god appeared and gave me a chance to restart my life and came back here.

This mindset enables me to be more careful about time and make one day more productive. I believe it.

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