82. Encountered unknown

My car was broken and something important was stolen by somebody. This is my first experience. My car was parked at the parking in Auckland Institute of Studies where I study MBA. This incident was conducted by young men at around 1:30pm.

I spent much time to contact with car insurance company and police, so I couldn’t submit an assignment whose due time was 4pm. (Although I wouldn’t make it on time without this accident, I decided to impose this result to the criminals.). Moreover, they unable me to attend the important class.

What made them commit such a uncultured crime? I was thinking about the trigger all day.”I want to get money, but working is a pain in my neck. Stealing other’s belongings is efficient!!”.

Even if we think about like that, few people actually implement. However, they conducted. Taking action is great, but we must not bother others. Bothering others is nothing but harmful to society. Probably, they got blame because of two. If they were alone, they would be afraid of it.

I don’t want to go for dinner alone, so I can understand the feeling. But, this must be vulgar behavior.  In fact, they bothered not only me but also a number of  people, the school staff, police, car insurance company and glass repair shop.

Will they scold  their children without hesitation when the two young men become a parent in the future? It’s ridiculous!!

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